Free For All

Hi everyone! I’m so glad to present you my first Free For All. I wanted to do this project for the pleasure of every member of the instagram community with my photographies from my country. I also add some typographies to overlay to your edits (using any blending apps). I hope you’ll all enjoy it.


1. Pick as much pictures as you want

2. Edit the pictures as you wish

3. Post it only on instagram (no society6 or instacanvas)

4. Do not claim them as your own

5. Tag your edits with #etienneewavecyr_freeforall

6. Tag your edits using the typographies overlay with #etienneewavecyr_ffa_typo


Pictures taken with my Canon t3i

A huge thanks to my friends Steven Duke (@_stevenduke_) and Coralie Coté (@aliecote)

IMG_5419 IMG_5276IMG_4393IMG_4377IMG_4367IMG_4330IMG_4354IMG_4308IMG_5283IMG_5181IMG_5176IMG_5171IMG_5155IMG_5145IMG_5124IMG_5115IMG_5108IMG_5088IMG_4366IMG_4177IMG_4173IMG_4171IMG_4146IMG_4111IMG_4071IMG_4060IMG_4058IMG_4047IMG_4045IMG_3998IMG_3834IMG_0398IMG_6015 IMG_6010 IMG_5968 IMG_5963 IMG_5959 IMG_5958 IMG_5927 IMG_5902 IMG_5880typo10 typo9 typo8 typo7 typo6 typo5 typo4 Typo3 typo2 Typo1


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